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Introducing: Mobile Coupon Advantage

Mobile Coupons Drive Sales thru the Roof!


Presently, there are 560 million mobile coupon users.  That will more than double by 2019. With the widespread use of smart phones, mobile coupons are a magnet for new customers.  Mobile coupons offer a fast, easy way to engage and attract customers like moths to a flame.





Mobile Coupons GENERATE NEW REVENUEmobile coupon growth

In 2014, more than half of the U.S. adult population redeemed, digital coupons across various mobile devices.  Nearly 40 percent of mobile owners in the U.S. use their mobile devices to access digital coupons.

Doesn’t it make sense to offer mobile coupons to your customers?


The Advantage of Mobile Coupons

#1 They don’t get lost

#2 They are easy to redeem

#3 They can be used to collect data

Why give away a discount unless you get VALUABLE DATA FOR YOUR BUSINESS too!





Mobile Coupons CRUSH Paper Coupons


Mobile coupons are redeemed at a 10 Times the rate of printed coupons and don’t cost anything to print!    Nearly 7 in 10 consumers (68%) surveyed by Forrester Research n August 2014  strongly believe that digital coupons have a positive impact on a retailer’s brand, and 68% also state that coupons generate loyalty.  In fact, according to PR Web 367 Billion paper coupons are printed each year and 99% have never redeemed.

Mobile coupon redemption rates can be tracked which means various offers can be compared over time.  Mobile coupons have all the benefits of traditional coupons with none of the drawbacks.


Build Manage and Promote your COUPONS ALL FROM ONE Platform!


coupon builder with timer

Take Complete Control of your Offers and Build an Empire!

Redemption Controls

Countdown Timer Creates Urgency

Create mobile coupons with countdown timers to drive sales during a specific period of time. Add a sense of urgency to ALL your offers.

Redemption Date Ranges and Time Windows

Generate business when you want!  Offer Specials and Discounts on certain days and times or date ranges!

Redemption Limits Help you Control Supply and Demand

Limit the total number of offers redeemed. Limit how many times a customer can use your offer

(Icon Here) Geo-Location Campaigns

Only want to promote in-store purchases?  Easy Peasy! We include Geo location targeting!
Limit where the customer can redeem offer from.

  • 1 Specific location
  • Multiple locations
  • Anywhere!



Mobile Coupon Advantage Features

Powerful Marketing and Campaign Analytics

(alvin) make these 4 below horizonal (2×2)

(1) (ICON) Build Customer Optin Lists with Ease!

Every business owner knows the “money is in the list”.  Mobile coupons allow you to build a database of repeat customers ready to take action for your next offer on demand!

(2) (ICON) Demographic Targeting

Customize and send follow up messages to specific coupon redeemers for only offers they are likely to want.  Want to send a special promotion to only Men 24-34?  Simple as pie.  Have something only for the ladies for Friday only you can do it.  Use our powerful Micro Filtering options once your list is built.

(3) (ICON) Promote when and how you want!

Keep in touch with anyone that redeems a coupon, or enters to win a contest.  If you have a new offer you want to shout about, or a special event you can send it to who you want when you want!

(4) (ICON) Full Campaign Management

We can do the work for you. Let us execute your coupon campaigns for your business and build a buzz around your discounts, special offers and new product releases.  Find out more now!



Viral & Lead Generation Promotions

Marketing your business is critical. Lead generation and social promotion is important for online visibility and revenue growth. Here’s a few examples to get you thinking about the possibilities.


Restaurant Viral Offer

Giveaways! Free meal for two if you share on FB (Restaurant)


Wedding Planner Contest Offer



Beauty Salon Day of Week Offer

25% off Perms on Mondays!


Retail IN Store Discount Promotion

Black Friday 40% off all DELL LAPTOPS In Store ONLY!


The experts at the Mobile SEO Pros can help you generate business at the flip of a switch!

LIVE DEMO  – Mobile Coupon Packages


Mobile Coupons can Compliment of Replace Print!mobile coupons vs paper

Build a campaign, use your brand colors and style and promote it anyway you like.  You can use along with your print coupons or simply replace and save the printing expenses.

Our mobile coupon platform works in concert with our mobile loyalty program or can be used stand alone.

How does it work?

  1. Pick a Product/Service!

  2. Build the Coupon!

  3.  Determine Redemption Methods

  4. Publish it!

  5. Promote it!

Want to brainstorm with an expert? Let’s do it!

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Brand Integration

We can create your mobile coupon to match your brand colors and style exactly!

Countdown Timers

Create mobile coupons with countdown timers to drive sales during a specific period of time.

Fixed Redemptions

Want to limit how many coupons to be redeemed? No problem use fixed redemptions

Geo-Location Campaigns

Only want to promote in-store purchases?  Easy Peasy! We include Geo location targeting!

Build Customer Email & SMS Lists Quickly

Every business owner knows that the “money is in the list”.  Mobile coupons allow you to build a database of potential repeat customers ready to be contacted about your business, offers and more.

Demographic Retargeting

Customize and send emails and SMS messages to certain coupon redeemers ONLY.  Want to send a special promotion to only Men 24-34? Simple as pie.  Want to send a Saturday only discount offer? Plug and play! Now you can with our Demographic and Micro Filtering capabilities.

Email & SMS Integration

Keep in touch with anyone that redeems a coupon, or enters a c via email and SMS. If you have a new offer you want to shout about, or a special event you are promoting, you have the ability to send emails and SMS messages to all of your coupon users with 1 click.

Full Campaign Management

We can do the work for you. Let us execute your coupon campaigns for your business and build a buzz around your discounts, special offers and new product releases. Find out more!


Build Engaging Social Campaigns using Mobile Coupons

Create and run your mobile optimized coupon campaigns on Facebook and Twitter.  Want to give away a discount for the weekend to your loyal customers?  Want to promote  a Special offer on Facebook. Our mobile coupon platform allows you to do this within minutes.

                      Want to see our Coupon Platform in Action?


Local Mobile SEO Services

Local Search Visibility is Crucial

Local SEO is more important today for local businesses. The internet has become more local-centric because of the use of Mobile devices by everyone on the planet. As a result, every local business must have a complete local SEO strategy that includes Mobile.
The Mobile SEO Pros are the premier local Mobile SEO company that can build your company a complete local SEO strategy that gets results for you.

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Get Local SEO Results Now!


Google’s Mobile Algorithm Update will Impact NON-Mobile-Friendly Sites

Websites that are NOT MOBILE FRIENDLY are suffering lost organic rankings!  Google announced on Feb 2015, that mobile-friendliness will be a key part of their organic ranking factors.  Google set the deadline for all websites to be mobile-friendly by April 21st 2015.  Bing also announced a plan to require mobile-friendliness set for mid summer.

Check your own website on Google’s Mobile-friendly Test!

Every Local SEO campaign we offer includes a mobile optimization strategies.

Why You Need The Mobile SEO Pros on your Team!

Typical Local SEO companies focus solely on desktop search ranking strategies that now make up less than 50% of local search.  The Mobile SEO Pros deliver outstanding SEO results for local businesses looking to be found when potential customers search on desktop PCs and mobile devices.  We incorporate a mobile-first local SEO strategy that outsmarts the competition.

Our goal is to ensure your business is highly visible on the web where your potential customers can easily contact you from virtually any device they might be using.


TOP 8 Components for Local SEO DOMINATION!

  • 1 Google+ Optimization
  • 2 Website Optimization
  • 3 Mobile Friendliness/Optimization
  • 4 Website Content Optimization
  • 5 Social Signals & Backlinks
  • 6 Social Content and Viral Buzz
  • 7 Business Citation Optimization
  • 8 Positive Online Reviews

Want to Dominate the Local Search Results and Outsmart your Competition?
Talk to the experts at the Mobile SEO Pros Today!

Find out YOUR local Search Score?

local mobile campaign strategy that works!

Local Mobile SEO Campaign Strategy

Designed to Crush the Competition

Strategy & On-Page SEO

keyword research

1 Local Mobile Keyword Research

Every local SEO campaign starts with identifying relevant keyword phrases to build your campaign around.  Our experts will help you make intelligent keyword phrase choices based on relevancy, search volume and attainability based on the campaign strategy.   Keyword research is a fundamental part of any successful SEO Campaign.

[icon name=”arrow-right” class=””] SAMPLE LOCAL KEYWORD RESEARCH REPORT.

Local SEO

2 Google+ Business Optimization

Being found on the Google Map for relevant keyword phrases that describe your business is one of the most important components of any local SEO strategy. Our team performs specific optimization strategies that help our clients Google+ business pages get found on the Google Map. Part of every one of our local SEO campaigns includes Google Map optimization.

Website SEO

3 Website Optimization

Most local businesses don’t understand how important website optimization is. Your website must contain unique keyword-rich content to increase your website’s visibility within the local search results. Website optimization refers to the coding of the website including things like Title tags, meta descriptions, interlinking between pages and more. Our SEO experts will optimize your site to ensure the foundation of your website is solid and optimized for the keyword phrases we are targeting in the campaign.

Mobile web design

4 Mobile Website + Optimization

Mobile-friendliness and mobile optimization have become a vital part of Local SEO.  Google is now giving mobile-optimized websites higher organic rankings on the mobile search results than non-mobile friendly sites.  Unlike other SEO firms that don’t offer mobile websites at all, every one of our local SEO campaigns include, mobile-friendliness analysis, mobile website design and mobile search optimization services built right into the campaign.

LOCAL SEO Ranking Propulsion Strategies

Once your keyword strategy is determined and your website is optimized, we build your unique “Local Online Visibility Footprint” and expand your reach and influence!

Off-Page SEO Work

SEO Content

5 Content is King

Content is what gives your business website it’s uniqueness from all the competing websites in your local niche. Many websites have very little content on them and it’s rarely updated. This is a HUGE reason why most websites are invisible within the local search results on Google.

Every one of our local SEO campaigns include content analysis as part of our SEO recommendations.

Local SEO - Copy

6 Citation Strategy and Optimization

Although local consumers search the web to find local businesses they trust review sites and business citation sites. They search online directories because they can easily research and compare what recent customer experiences have been. If your business is not listed or incorrectly listed on these sites, you’re losing major opportunities.

Check out the list Citation Directory List 4Citation Directory List 3Citation Directory List 2 of the most popular Citation and Review Sites!

Every one of our Local SEO campaigns include a Citation Audit and continuous citation building.

Social Signals

7 Social Signals

Social signals is a term to describe what Google looks at to determine if a business has any social influence. Google recognizes that social sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and of course Google+ are being used worldwide. Social posting and responses on social media channels tell Google how influential your business is within your local online community. As a result, Google uses these social metrics to determine how much authority your business has and gives you credit towards your local rankings.

This is why all of our Local SEO campaigns include some element of social posting.

Customer Reviews

8 Continuous Positive Reviews

Positive Reviews are Critical for Attracting Customers and encouraging Google to trust your business too.

A big part of Google’s local search algorithm is Social Signals.  Online reviews are the most important Social Signal Google uses to determine popularity and trustworthiness.  Positive reviews tell everyone looking for a service provider in your niche that you are good at what you do. Plus, once your website is highly ranked and listed on in the Google Map, positive reviews make your business stand out!

All of our Local SEO campaigns include a powerful review cultivating strategy that works on autopilot!

Find out how the Mobile SEO Pros can help you dominate your local market!


Grow your Online Presence and Attract Customers like Bees to Honey!

How do customers choose you instead of the competition? First you have to be visible!  Then, you have to stand out!  Online reviews are extremely important for any local business to stand out from the crowd. Reviews are also very important social signals that Google uses to increase local search rankings.

One of our secret weapons that we designed specifically for our local clients is our turn key reputation marketing platform “Reputation Advantage”. Rep Advantage automates the customer feedback funnel which helps you take the temperature of your business while improve customer satisfaction. Rep Advantage’s key benefit is that it makes it so easy for customers to give feedback that can be turned into positive online reviews. Find out more about Rep Advantage today.

The experts at the Mobile SEO Pros can help you generate business at the flip of a switch!

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