High Quality Videos Pre-Sell Your Services

Is your Website failing to help bring in More Customers?

If you don't have any videos on your site this could be part of the problem.

Why is That?

Online videos will:

  • Quickly Deliver Your Message
  • Keeps Visitors on your Site Longer
  • Gives you More Search Engine Visibility
  • Helps You Stand Out From Competition

The longer visitors stay on your website, the better chance you have at converting them into leads and sales

Top 6 Reasons YOUR Business Needs a Marketing Video to COMPETE in 2016:

  • VIDEO is the fastest growing marketing medium for local and small business.
  • Increase Lead Generation
    By adding Strong Calls to Action at the end of your videos to tell visitors what you want them to do!
  • Tell Prospects who you are effectively
    Utilizing an effective video script and voice over can pre-sell your services and increase your credabiity!
  • At Least 1 of Your Leading Competitors is using Video Marketing.
  • Google Organic Rankings and Traffic
    Optimizing your new video on your website can help increase your organic rankings for your website.
  • Drive Higher Website Conversions
    1 minute of video is worth a thousand words of content. Adding an effective video to your website will increase your website conversions!

Marketing Video Packages

Choose the Video package that fits your needs the best.

Pro Video Standard

Lead Generation Style Local Video

  • 60 Second Video
  • Animated/Whiteboard/Slide Style Video
  • Designed for Lead Gen
  • PRO Script Completed
  • PRO Voice Over Completed
  • PRO Logo Animation
  • PRO Call To Action

No revisions to video


Pro Video Branded

Website Authority Building Video

  • 60 Second Video
  • Animated/Whiteboard/Slide Style Video
  • Designed for Authority
  • PRO Written Script
  • PRO Voice Over Completed
  • PRO Logo Animation
  • PRO Call To Action

2 Video Revisions to animation


Pro Video Custom

Designed to Client's Specifications Video

  • 60 Second Video
  • Animated/Whiteboard/Slide Style Video
  • For ANY Purpose
  • PRO Written Script
  • PRO Voice Over (Choice of Male/ Female)
  • PRO Logo Animation
  • PRO Call To Action

Each Additional 30 seconds = $449

3 Video Revisions Included


Want to Market your Business with Video?

Do you want to generate leads & Sales from Google?

Do you want to engage your website visitors?

Let's Discuss a Video Marketing Strategy for YOU!

Who Are We?

We are the leading producer of affordable smart videos designed to drive new clients, visits and sales. Unlike most video production companies, we can build you an affordable marketing video designed to convert online searchers and website visitors into HOT leads, NEW appointments, and sales.  Our videos are much less expensive than the traditional video production company because we  don't just focus on video production.   We help our clients will all aspects of online marketing and we only select businesses we feel can benefit from our video marketing services. 

Our Services

We are a team of Online Marketing Pros Unlike Any Other You have worked with! We don't just do video production and video  marketing.  We do Pay Per Click Management, local and national SEO services and reputation marketing to name a few.  We work with local and small businesses everyday  to increase their online and mobile search exposure using advanced online, video and mobile marketing strategies. 

We make them extremely attractive to potential prospects and help them outsmart their competition. We not only want to drive leads but help you get more exposure for your business using video and much more.  

Our goal is to help your business build your brand using video to gain maximum exposure and drive sales revenue.

Call Us Today (800) 419-8575

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