Building a custom mobile app can be a game changer for your business. If you want to differentiate your business from the crowded field, offer special benefits to your customers that no one else is providing. Make it easy and convenient for your customers to do business with you is the key. Mobile apps are one of the best ways to increase engagement and build loyalty!


  • Loyalty Programs
  • Mobile Coupons
  • Geo Target Marketing


  • Increase Loyalty
  • Instant Feedback
  • Revenue Growth
  • Customer Engagement



Why Choose Us to Build your APP?

Our mobile APP designs are limitless!  The Mobile SEO Pros can build an incredible custom mobile app for your business that delivers “YOUR UNIQUE BUSINESS OFFERING” in the palm of your customer’s hand.  We’ve built mobile apps for local restaurants, nightclubs, non-profit organizations and real estate firms and many more.

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Need some ideas for your mobile App?

Before building a mobile app we always recommend clients to sit down and think about what potential extra services, loyalty programs or benefits might be useful to your customers through a mobile app that they can’t anywhere else?  See Below for some ideas.

Top APP Features!

Standard Features

Custom apps Design

Every one of our mobile apps comes with custom app design that you and your app users will love!

GPS Map and Directions

GPS Map and Directions to make it easy for app users to reach your business with ease.

Click to Call

Click to Call Feature so customers can reach you instantly from your mobile app!


Showcase your product or service catalog for easy ordering from your mobile app!

Shopping cart

Built in Shopping cart to allow your customers to order your products right within your app!

Custom Contact forms

GPS Map and Directions to make it easy for app users to reach your business with ease.

Marketing Features

Push Notifications

Geo-fencing gives you the control to decide what specific geographic area should be defined for your mobile app advertising to be triggered. This control feature ensures your notifications are relevant and convert at a high rate based on the distance your app users to your location.


Everyone loves coupons. Coupons get redeemed at very high levels and bring new customers in droves. Offer killer coupon offers ONLY on your app. This will bring new customers and keep them coming back in the door!

VIP treatment!

Want more business? Give your app users the special VIP treatment! Offer your app users special deals only available to them!


Want to get more newsletter subscribers? Give your app users a way to easily get access to your valuable news!

Social Features


Share your events with your App users and make sure they know about it by combining your events with push notifications!


Go Viral! Enable your App users to share your engaging messages, news, events with their friends.


Stand out and share you message with the world. Broadcast to your app audience the secret strategies only you can deliver!


Do you have a lot of great videos about your services or your work? Show them off on your app!

Advanced Features

Food Ordering System

Have you always wanted a way to enable your customers to order online but never implemented it? Now you can have a Built-in Food Ordering System with no extra cost!

appointment setting system

Now you can offer a simple to use appointment setting system which can double as a reservation system built right into your app!

mortgage calculator

Offer a mortgage calculator on your app to entice customers to choose your mortgage company!


Sell more property by giving your app users instant access to all your new property listing!

The MobileSEOPros can deliver your mobile app within 5 business days. We have App packages for various types of businesses ranging from local restaurants to real estate firms.
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