Mobile Marketing for Local Business   iphone-mobile-advertising Mobile Marketing for local businesses can be a powerful and cost effective method of encouraging new customers to try your services or to bring past customers back into the business.  In fact, mobile marketing is fast becoming the most effective way of communicating with customers. There are several forms of mobile marketing that local businesses should utilize which include QR Code Marketing, SMS text marketing. Mobile Apps require a larger initial investment but can be extremely effective at building brand recognition and direct customer notification features. All 3 mobile marketing methods can be very effective tools. The MobileSEOpros offers all 3 mobile marketing solutions for the local and small business community. QR Code marketing tends to be the most popular solution for local businesses because it can be easily added to current print and online marketing efforts very easily. However, for certain local businesses mobile Apps can be a huge advantage.    QR CODE EXAMPLES 2What are QR Codes? QR codes stand for Quick Response Codes. Mobile consumers scan QR codes with their built-in QR Code Scanners when they are displayed on in store advertising or direct mail advertising. The user is then pushed to the advertisers website or landing page to redeem the offer.  Its very important that your QR codes push to premium mobile website landing page to ensure the mobile user can actually read the offer.  Find out more about our QR Code marketing Solution!       call-iq-text-messagingSMS Text Message Marketing Did you know that email marketing is in decline and just simply does not produce the results it once did. People are simply sick and tired of seeing their inbox’s filled with SPAM and unsolicited email. You are probably all too familiar with this based on your own experiences. SMS Marketing has over a 95% impression rate! People read their SMS messages in much higher frequency then any other communication mediums used today.

  • Instant Impressions – 95% of SMS messages are read within 1 minute
  • Everyone Reads Your Ad – 99% of SMS messages get read overall
  • Text Marketing is Viral – 24% of SMS messages get forwarded to friends

The MobileSEOPros can help you create an effective SMS marketing campaign that will increase your message response rates significantly. Think of SMS Text marketing as remote control marketing.   Find out more about our SMS Text Marketing Solution!

Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing can be a powerful and cost-effective means of driving in new customers to try out your services. Marketing directly to mobile consumers increases your revenue by increasing engagement with local customers that already know you. In fact, mobile marketing when done correctly can reach your ideal target audience where they are most engaged and likely to respond; on their mobile device.

Mobile marketing gets better results than email and direct mail combined for
drastically lower costs. There is no better way of communicating with customers
and driving new business today!

The 3 Most Effective Mobile Marketing Strategies :

  • SMS Text Marketing
  • QR Code Marketing
  • App Push Notifications



SMS Text Marketing Solution

Mobile marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to generate new leads, increase repeat business and engage your local audience.  Think of SMS Text marketing as remote control marketing.  Mobile coupons delivered right to customers smart phone are a proven way to entice customers to come in more often.  Text marketing can be used to generate new customers too.

According to Juniper Research 2014 report, mobile coupons are redeemed 10 times more often than traditional coupons and will rise higher in 2014.

The Mobile SEO Pros provide a best-in-class SMS text marketing solutions and strategies that work.

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Mobile APP Push Notifications

Mobile Apps are extremely powerful for engaging customers and wowing them with the VIP treatment. Mobile APPs are one of the most effective means of customer retention on earth. They increase loyalty because you can communicate directly to them instantly. The average consumer spends 127 minutes in mobile applications a day, responding to emails, browsing Facebook, and searching for places nearby. 70million mobile coupons were redeemed in 2013 with an ggregate value of $2.1billion dollars. Mobile apps are the best way to offer killer coupon deals.

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QR Code Management Solution

QR Code marketing is also a very effective means of reaching local mobile consumers.  QR Codes can easily be added to current direct mail or print advertising to offer special deals to mobile users.  One of the challenges with QR codes in the past has been tracking how effective they are. Another challenge has been keeping track of QR codes for different campaigns.  Both of these problems are solves with The Mobile SEO Pros QR Code Companion.  The QR Code Companion allows you to see very detailed QR Code analytics for each QR Code campaign.

QR codes stand for Quick Response Codes.  Mobile users scan QR codes when they see them in advertising campaigns with their built-in QR code scanners.  When they scan the code they get sent to the advertisers website or landing page to redeem the offer.  It’s very important that your QR codes push to premium mobile website landing page so the person scanning the offer can take action.

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