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The Mobile Web “IS” the Virtual Center of Communication

The mobile web has become the virtual center of all communication today.

If your business is not yet mobile, NOW is the time to make a change!

According to Google:

95% of smartphone users have looked for local information.

88% of local consumers take action within 1 day, indicating they are a very important demographic.

77% call or visit a local business within 24 hours.

80% of mobile searchers have made purchases within 10-15 miles of their home.

If your site isn’t mobile optimized, shoppers will go elsewhere.

The majority of people searching the web on mobile devices will  seek out a competitor’s mobile-friendly website INSTEAD of switching to a PC to revisit yours.

A bad mobile experience can damage your company’s brand.

A bad mobile experience can create a poor impression about your company.  If you don’t have a mobile friendly website your visitors are frustrated and bouncing off your site to get what they need elsewhere.

Don’t get Fooled by the Instant Mobile Site Crowd!

Don’t settle for the mobile site builders that auto-generate your mobile website from your desktop website.  All they do is scrape your website content and make your current website fit on the small screen.  These instant mobile website builders are slightly better than not having a mobile website at all.  However, they do not offer a mobile experience that your customers and prospects expect from your brand.  Think about it.  Would you feel confident in any website designer that built your website within a hour?  Of course not.  Your mobile website should be built for your business needs and your mobile visitors to get exactly what they expect from you.

Mobile Site Builders Don't Offer

True Mobile SEO

Typical mobile site builders offer “Do it Yourself” SEO for mobile. 

They provide the facilities to incorporate targeted keywords, title tag information and meta descriptions, however, they don’t provide mobile keyword research to help you identify the most appropriate keyword phrases that are likely to convert for your business.  If you are very good at using keyword analysis tools and understand the differences between consumer behavior on mobile vs desktop then performing your own keyword research will work fine for you. Most local business owners don’t have the time or expertise to pull it off.

The Mobile SEO Pros will build your mobile website with proven mobile SEO strategies.  We will perform keyword research, competition analysis and implement the appropriate mobile optimization needed for your business to pull ahead of the competition.

Our mobile SEO strategies will increase your mobile search visits and drive new business in a huge way!

Reliable Mobile Platform

Many mobile site builders are based on WordPress. WordPress was not designed for Mobile. 

WordPress was designed for blogging.  As a result, mobile websites designed on WordPress are not compatible with many smart phones on the market.  What good is a mobile website, if it cannot be accessed by your mobile visitors? Make sure the platform used for your mobile website fully supports HTML5 and is W3C complaint.

Our Mobile Platform is designed with the latest mobile technologies to ensure compatibility with every mobile device and smart phone used today.  Our platform is built on HTML5 and W3C compliant and integrates with over 50 different technologies.  See the list here.

Mobile Landing Pages

Mobile website builders don’t offer mobile landing pages. 

Many business owners and marketing managers understand the need for landing pages.  Landing pages are simply dedicated pages on your website that you edit, test and change over time as your special offers change.  Without mobile landing pages that correspond with your advertising your mobile website won’t help your advertising convert into new revenue.

Each of our premium mobile website packages include custom landing pages.  We also offer updated to these landing page offers over time to help test offers and generate more revenue for your business.

Detailed Mobile Visitor Tracking

Mobile site builders offer Google Analytics integration but it’s not good enough. 

However, they don’t typically have advanced mobile visitor tracking and reporting capabilities.
  Our advanced visitor tracking extends upon Google’s Analytics and tracks how many visitors called the business; How many clicked on the Map for directions etc.  This is important data that helps understand how easy your website is to navigate and use on mobile devices.  Over time as more and more customers visit your website from mobile devices, the more important mobile visitor tracking will be.

Advanced Mobile Reporting

Most of the site builders simply don’t provide any detailed reporting at all. 

Most of them simply reply on the Google Analytics API and you have to figure it out from there.  Google Analytics custom reports are not easy to run because Google continuously changes the configuration settings.

Check out our 1 Click Mobile Visitor Reports! mobile stats 2Mobile stats 3 all

The Mobile SEO Pros wanted to make our reporting easy and powerful.  It fully integrates with Google Analytics but doesn’t have all the painful configuration requirements. 

You can see real-time data at a glance and 1 click to see various data points.  All of these reports are easy to see and are included in every one of our premium mobile websites.

Mobile Experts to Help

The biggest limitation of buying a mobile website from a typical web designer is not having a mobile strategy and support going forward.  

This is Significant for 3 Reasons!

#1  Consumer usage of the mobile web will continue to grow over time. As a result mobile marketing strategies will become more and more important for your business.  Having experts that live and breathe mobile every day is a huge asset that cannot be ignored. Our team of dedicated mobile pros will help you craft your mobile strategy today and work with you to continually improve it.

#2 Building your mobile website is not a set it and forget it idea.  Once you have your mobile website you will want to see how your mobile visitors respond to it and make adjustments to it just like your main website.  Small tweaks to your mobile site can make a huge difference in terms of revenue.  Consider where your website visitors will be coming from in the future and realize a mobile expert in your corner is and will be an even more invaluable resource that you realize today.

#3 Google Now Requires all Websites to be Mobile-Friendly as of April 21st 2015. Going mobile is no longer optional. The experts at the Mobile SEO Pros will help you articulate your message to your prospects and customers using 21st century mobile strategies.

Choose the Mobile SEO Pros and we will not let you down!


Using Mobile with Direct Mail Advertising

Many businesses spend enormous amounts of money on print advertising.  A large percentage of direct mail recipients read advertisements and immediately visit the business’ website.  According to Google, over 66 percent of all consumers say their primary web searching method is now using mobile devices.

So if 66% of people prefer to visit websites from their mobile device doesn’t it make sense to be mobile friendly?  A mobile website design can include high converting landing pages that can include mobile-specific offers for your mobile visitors.   This can significantly increase your advertising ROI.

One way to bridge the gap between your print advertising and mobile consumers is to add QR Codes to your campaigns.  Adding QR codes to direct mail pieces can bolster lead conversions because they give the recipient a scannable offer directly to a landing page on your website.  However, to use QR Codes correctly, you must have a premium mobile website with a specific landing page offer.  This will help you achieve higher conversion rates.

Landing Pages Convert Mobile Visitors

Leads are the lifeblood of every business.  No matter what type of advertising you use, its always more effective to tie a specific landing page to your special offer.  This is no different when it comes to mobile.  Mobile landing pages make sure specific advertisements point directly to a page on your website that contains valuable offer information specified in the ad.  Our team of landing page experts will incorporate your ideas into high converting landing pages on your fresh new mobile website.

Landing Pages Increase ROI for:

  • PPC Ads
  • Direct Mail
  • Magazine Ads
  • Social Ads


All of our premium mobile websites include custom landing pages.  Our team will coordinate with you to ensure your special offers convert at a high rate and test them over time to make sure they continue to bring in the bacon.  Talk to a Mobile SEO Pro today!

Don't make the mistake of choosing one of the canned auto-generated mobile websites that simply make your current website fit on mobile devices.