Mobile Solutions for Real Estate and Finance

Real estate and financial institutions need to be mobile. Why? The simple fact is, mobile usage is on the rise. Potential buyers and sellers expect to open thier phone and want property information right at thier fingertips. If you want to stay competitive go mobile today!

Outsmart your Competition by Going Mobile

Mobile marketing is becoming standard practice for agents and brokerages around the world.  Real Estate agents and brokerages understand the importance mobile marketing and realize it can be the difference between getting a listing sold or on the market another 6 months.  Today’s real estate agent needs to have a strong mobile presence, which includes a mobile friendly website complete with property listings, mobile photo galleries, tap-to-call and tap-to-map capabilities.

Premium Mobile Website Features

  • Tap to Map with GPS Locator for all property listings
  • Show off your expertise and special differentiators
  • Embed YouTube video of the listing directly into the mobile site
  • Create mobile friendly listings including descriptions and images
  • Organize Property Listings by Area is sub menus
  •  List open houses and other events
  • Publish a photo gallery virtual tour optimized for a smartphone
  • Increase Social Engagement on Facebook and Instagram

Talk to the Mobile SEO Pros about how we can build your mobile optimized website for your business today!

Special Mobile SEO Pros Features

Mobile SEO Services

Mortgage and real estate professionals often spend thousands of dollars a month on Google advertising.  Although this is often a necessary evil, being optimized for mobile search can help reduce that burden.  Our team will optimize your mobile website to be more visible on the mobile search results.

Mobile Landing Pages Convert!

Even professionals and entrepreneurs need to be marketers.  Offering special incentives can increase advertising visits but a mobile landing page can convert mobile web visitors into leads and clients!  Our mobile landing pages have mobile visitor tracking to improve results over of your advertising time.

Mobile Activity Tracking

Our mobile platform extends mobile visitor tracking beyond Google Analytics.  Our advanced mobile visitor tracking helps identify where improvements can be made on your mobile website and landing pages.  The benefit is data. We analyze the data and make adjustments to get better results period!

Mobile Specific Reporting

Google analytics can be difficult to decipher and hard to configure.   Our mobile reporting offers instant mobile reports. We makes it very easy and simple to understand your mobile visitor activity at-a-glance.

Premium Mobile Website Benefits

  • Impress Clientele
  • Mobile Search Visibility
  • Mobile Marketing Expertise
  • Increase ROI on Ad Spend
  • Increase Mobile Conversions
  • Long Term Support

Improve Print Ad Conversions with QR Codes!

The increase in mobile usage has caused traditional and online marketing efforts to suffer because mobile users cannot easily navigate your website on their mobile device.  The best way to combat this is to go with it.  Build mobile landing pages for your Google advertisements and add QR codes to your print ads.  Watch the increase in conversion skyrocket!

Bridge the Gap between Print and Mobile

Real estate agents can use custom QR codes for all their signage and track the results using our QR Code marketing solution.  Find out what area your qr codes are being scanned from and see who is scanning your QR codes.   Mortgage companies that send out direct mail deserve to know which campaigns are successful and which are NOT.  By incorporating QR codes into your traditional marketing efforts can help bridge the gap between print and mobile.  Learn More!

Take your marketing to the next level with SMS text marketing!

Text messaging is now part of every day life. Consumers are now communicating every day through text.  As a result, incorporating text marketing is a natural progression for local professionals.  Our SMS text platform is easy to use and gives our clients a way to take their customer engagement to the next level. Learn More!

Stop losing potential clients because you website is not mobile optimized.  Talk to the Mobile SEO Pro today about how we can build your mobile marketing strategy for your business today!