Mobile Solutions for Salons and Spas

Men and women who frequent spas expect to be pampered. When potential clients search for a salon they are often mobile and want to easily find your location or call. Make it easy go mobile today!

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Outsmart your Competition by Going Mobile

Mobile marketing for salons and spas is a great way to attract new clients as well as build loyalty with your existing clientele.  Showcase your services, setup SMS appointment reminders and more.  Get ranked on the mobile search results and showcase your facilities with mobile optimized photo galleries.  Bring in more business with a website made for smartphones.

Premium Mobile Website Features

  • Tap to Map with GPS to help clients find your location
  • Create a mobile friendly menu of services and pricing
  • Embed YouTube video directly into mobile site
  • Organize services on sub menus (hair, skin, nails)
  • Show off your reviews on local directory sites and beauty blogs
  • Showcase Community Charity Events you will be attending
  • Publish images of your salon or spa
  • Promote mobile Coupons on Facebook  and Instagram

Talk to the Mobile SEO Pros about how we can build your mobile optimized website for your Salon or Spa today!

Special Mobile SEO Pros Features

Mobile SEO Services

Our team will optimize your premium mobile website to be highly visible on the Google mobile search results to attract more phone calls, visits and clients! This is valuable because if you want to attract more local customers you need to be found where they are looking for your services.

Mobile Landing Page Offers Convert!

Mobile landing pages can be a powerful way to offer discounts offers, special offers you may set up on Google or Facebook.  Our mobile team will help you do it with class.

Mobile Visitor Tracking

Our mobile platform extends mobile visitor tracking beyond Google Analytics.  This helps identify mobile visitor trending data over time. Why is this important?  Simply because we always want to improve your customer experience right?  By watching mobile visitor trends we can improve your site. Landing page offers convert even more business.

Mobile Specific Reporting

Google Analytics can be difficult to decipher.  Our mobile reporting makes it very simple to understand mobile activity at a glance.  This used in conjunction with our mobile visitor tracking make it impossible to see what is going on with your mobile visitors.

Premium Mobile Website Benefits

  • Simplify Customer Contact
  • Easy Navigation for Customers
  • Mobile Marketing Expertise
  • Increase Ad Spend ROI
  • Increase Mobile Conversions
  • Long Term Marketing Support


Improve Conversions with QR Codes!

Salons and Spas often use print and social advertising to drive business.  Add a QR code  to your social and online posts to direct traffic to special offers. Your business can add a custom QR code to all your signage and brochures.  Find out which offers are working and which are not using QR codes.

Manage Multiple QR Code Campaigns with QR Code Companion

Local spas ans salons that invest in print advertising such as direct mail, magazines and newspaper deserve to know which campaigns are successful and which are NOT.  As mobile has become a bigger and bigger part of our world, businesses need to incorporate mobile into their advertising ecosystem. QR Codes are a great bridge between print and mobile. Learn More!

Take your marketing strategy to the next level using SMS text marketing!

Text messaging is now part of every day life. Consumers are now communicating every day through text.  As a result, incorporating text marketing is a natural progression for local professionals.  Our SMS text platform is easy to use and gives our clients a way to take their customer engagement to the next level.  Learn More!

Stop losing potential new clients because your not mobile optimized. Talk to the Mobile SEO Pro today about how we can build your mobile optimized website for your salon or spa today!