We Can Build, Optimize and Manage your Campaigns with Precision!

New PPC Campaign Development – Simplified

Are you considering pay per click advertising and not sure how to start? 
Are you concerned about wasting some of your ad spend and not getting useful results?  We completely understand.  There are many confusing elements when it comes to managing a successful Pay Per Click campaign.  Let our team take the burden off your shoulders and let us show you how we treat every dollar you invest as it were our own.

New PPC Campaigns start with Keyword Research.  We analyze your market, your competition and start building your campaign with strategic Ad groups that contain highly targeted keyword phrases.  This ensures relevancy in the eyes of Google.  This is important to ensure a high Campaign Quality Score.  Within each Ad group we create targeted ads for both desktop and mobile web searchers.  Each of these have different option that need to be utilized to capture the most potential buyers.

For example, mobile searchers tend to be higher action takers than desktop searchers.  Plus, mobile ads less expensive than standard ads. Then we test ads against each other and utilize intelligent bidding strategies to ensure efficiency of your campaign over time.  Our PPC management experts will put our experience to work for you and we guarantee you’ll see significant results.

PPC Campaign Management – Streamlined

If you are already running pay per click campaigns we can help to.  The first thing we do is perform a complete PPC campaign audit. We share our results with you and provide detailed recommendations before we do anything.  Once that is completed we implement our initial game plan which may include a variety of strategies such as;  new ad groups, new targeted ads, mobile ads and call extensions, negative keyword discovery and more! 

We typically see between 15-25% increase in ROI compared with the previous 90 day campaign results.  Want to see results like this? Reach out to our ppc management team to discuss your campaign asap.

Here’s how we can help Optimize Specifically:

Have a broken account or that’s just not doing what it should be doing? Let us take a look and fix things up for you. Don’t try and change the wheel, often within minutes we can find several things that will instantly save your money. We can help optimize anything PPC, specifically:

PPC Campaign Highlights!

  • Campaign Audit/Set up
  • Keyword Research
  • Ad Writing/Ad Group
  • Campaign Restructuring & Rebuilds
  • Remarketing Campaigns

PPC Management Highlights!

  • Advanced Bidding Strategies
  • Continuous Ad Testing
  • Desktop and Mobile Campaigns
  • Quality Score Improvement
  • Monthly Campaign Reporting

Key Component of Our PPC Management Strategy

PPC Audit Report & Set Up

We provide our initial audit report to determine a successful strategy. Every month we continue to showcase results-based activity. Example Report.

Pay Per Click

We’ll analyze your pay per click campaigns and make sure they’re working to provide you will returns you want.

PPC Lead Generation
& Conversion Strategies

We run pay per click campaigns that help customers who are you looking for what you offer find your business, generating the leads you want.

Mobile Landing Pages

We’ll write and design landing pages that are created specifically for you pay per click campaign to help you increase conversion from leads

Google Shopping Ads

Google Shopping Ads allow us to get your products listed directly in Google’s search results and drive more leads and sales for your business

PPC Remarketing

We’ll help you reach customers that showed an interest in your business and keep them engaged with our pay per click remarketing

Talks to experts at the Mobile SEO Pros about how we can improve your PPC campaign ROI today!

Want to show your products on Google?

We can help YOU with that!

Google Shopping Ads, also known as Product Listing Ads are Google’s paid shopping advertisement program, which includes the Google Shopping data feed, the Product Listing Ads and the Google Merchant Center dashboard.

Google Shopping Ads show on Google when someone makes a search for your products on Google.com. Your customer will see a picture of your item, its price, and your store name. Customer who click on your ads will be directed to your website where they can buy your item.

Google Shopping is consistently rated as the best choice for online merchants. It’s proven to generate the most traffic and profit for online businesses.  By showcasing your product images and prices, when done strategically, it entices more clicks, and more sales I.e. conversions). However, by testing pricing and images we can continuously improve on your results over time.  This is why consistent testing and management is crucial to ongoing success.

Landing Pages Can Drastically Improve PPC Results

We often find that businesses are not using landing pages at all for their paid campaigns. This can be a massive mistake. Landing pages are a powerful weapon in an advertisers arsenal because they can be designs specifically for a product category or service offering that captures the attention of the person clicking on the ad and gives them 1 clear decisive action to make.  Increased urgency and special incentives can be introduced to even higher success.

Our team can help you take advantage of this by creating custom PPC landing pages for your business.

Proper PPC landing pages are only 50% of the equation. What’s the point in sending amazing PPC traffic to a page that’s just going to scare users away. 100% of our focus is PPC, and you better believe that landing pages are big part of it. We have a team of designers that will ensure an effective strategy including landing pages are implemented to succeed.

Let the Mobile SEO Pros improve your PPC campaign with custom landing pages!

Take your Paid Campaigns to New Heights

Remarketing allows you to show ads to people who have visited
your website or used your mobile app before.

When people leave your website, remarketing helps your business reconnect with them online by showing them relevant text and banners ads as they browse the web, search on Google or even use mobile apps.  You’ve probably seen this yourself in your own life.  You’ve probably gone to a website one day, and the next day you see that website’s banner ads all over the internet. Some might think this is annoying, but the fact is this works and brings people back and helps brand your company too!

How Remarketing Works

People visit your website

Your potential customers are added
to your “Audience”

Your potential customers see your ads
as they browse the web

They click your ad and then come back to your website

Benefits of Choosing us to Manage your Campaigns

  • Reduce Campaign Waste
  • Convert More Clicks into Leads
  • Remove from Daily Responsibilities
  • Become More Productive
  • More Online Visibility
  • Generate More Revenue
  • Reduce Campaign Spend
  • Improve Campaign Reach

Let our team take this off your shoulders so you
can spend time working on your business