QR Code Marketing on Steroids!

Do you want to use QR Codes for Web or Print? It doesn’t matter! Our QR code management solution allows you to easily export and download your QR code in multiple file formats, saving you time to market. For web uses, simply export and download a JPG, GIF or PNG file for quick use.

For high resolution printing and signage, just export and download your QR code in EPS, SVG, JPG, PNG, GIF and PDF formats. With our QR Code Manager there is no need to worry about quality or converting your image files. Our system does it all for you!

Customize your QR code to make it “stand out” from the competition! Use your logo where you want it on the QR code. You can even change the colors of your QR codes to make it match your branding. Our QR Code Manager gives you the ability to integrate your campaigns with shortened URLs or we can even use vanity URLs.

Popular QR Code Ideas

Mobile Website – Offer Campaigns

You can create a campaign that sends traffic directly to your landing page on your premium mobile website. With the tracking code we provide, you can learn what the user did after they viewed the initial landing page. You can use this strategy to promote a new product or service, a special time limited offer and more. By having a mobile optimized website from the MobileSEOPros combined with analytical reporting, you can get great results!

Social Media – Like US Campaigns

Harness the true power of social networking can be attained by integrating your QR code to drive traffic and measure engagement. Create a campaign for your Facebook promo page or within a Twitter post. This can help build a social buzz that can drive more authentic visits and backlinks to your website. Using our QR Code Management solution can take your social networking efforts to the next level.

Smartphone App – Loyalty Campaigns

You can create a campaign to promote your Smartphone App in your direct mail pieces or online. For this type of campaign, you can see the number of views your app received as a result of sending users to the App store via the QR Code.